Childhood and nature

In relation to childhood and as Rachel Carson affirms in her work “The sense of astonishment [1]” it is “necessary to share adventures in nature that begin in early childhood, … is based on having fun together rather than instructing you.” To achieve this taste for nature that can then guide you to the Mystery that underlies it, the Foundation will promote activities in schools, as well as its own camps and outings to nature, taking into account as Rachel Carsoncomo once again affirms “to The child, and for parents who seek to guide him, it is not even half as important to know how to feel. If facts are the seed that later produce knowledge and wisdom, then emotions and impressions of the senses are the fertile land in which the seed must grow. The childhood years are the time to prepare the earth. Once emotions have arisen, the sense of beauty, the enthusiasm for the new and the unknown, the feeling of sympathy, compassion, admiration or love, then we desire knowledge about the object of our shock. Once you find it, it has a lasting meaning. It is more important to prepare the path of the child you want to know than to give him a lot of data that he is not prepared to assimilate ”(Rachel Carson).

In relation to youth, At this time the young man “along with the importance of small everyday gestures” that he has gone and learning should begin to consider “social love moves us to think about great strategies that effectively stop environmental degradation and encourage a culture of care that permeates the whole society. ”It is the beginning of discernment and the call, a propitious moment for“ someone to recognize God’s call to intervene with others in these social dynamics, he must remember that this is part of his spirituality, which is the exercise of charity and thus matures and sanctifies himself ”. (LS 231) This objective can be specified among other activities that are proposed for both groups, children and youth, activities in the “ring camps” and their children and youth school activities

[1] Carson, R. 1956. “The sense of wonder.” Re-edited in 2012 by Ediciones Encuentro. Madrid