Fellowship Von Humboldt

In honor of the great naturalist Alexander Von Humboldt the Laudato Si Foundation will make public its call for scholarships for professors from European universities who wish to make a research stay in a Latin American research center or university for a period exceeding two months.

This call will be developed with the cooperation of the UNACIFOR University of Honduras and will be aimed at stays related to the field that perhaps characterized this great polymath, the knowledge of nature taking advantage of observation and comparative knowledge between Europe and Latin America in all its dimensions.

The objective is to facilitate the training of young research professors in their Ibero-American study centers while facilitating European researchers and professors with a minimum proven track record in research to enjoy a research stay in Latin America in which in addition to deepening Their fields of work can share knowledge and facilitate the generation of joint research teams on both sides of the ocean.

“The most dangerous worldview is the worldview of those who have not viewed the world” ( Alexander Von Humboldt)